Get to Know More About Essentials of Methoxy Propanol

Methoxy propanol, along with several other chemical compounds, has several employs in marketplace. Most individuals not in the creation and/or distribution of this sort of chemical compounds may not be common with them. It is crucial to realize what precisely the goods you use consist of. Additionally, it is critical for these who are in need of methoxy propanol to understand how it should be dealt with. Though it is not extremely hazardous, it does have some hazardous properties that should be regarded as when handling it. Safety should often be a very significant worry when handling any chemicals. This is no significantly less accurate in the case of this.


Methoxy propanol (also recognized as propylene glycol monomethyl ether, one-methoxy-2-propanol, PM, and PGME) is a colorless liquid that is soluble in water and is hugely flammable. It is a methoxy liquor spinoff and has a system of C4H10O2. The structore of the methyl acetate manufacturer incorporates an alcoholic beverages and ether team. Not shocking, it has a attribute ether like smell.

It is made by the reaction of 1,2-epoxy propane and methanol in the presence of a catalyst, and is then followed by distillation. This distillation is a way of separating the unique kinds, leaving a far more pure compound. The around the world yearly manufacturing is roughly a hundred,000 to five hundred,000 tons.

Storage, Output and Distribution

Methoxy propanol has a certain gravity of .924 and a flash point of 33?? Do and is thus very flammable. For that reason, it should be stored in a interesting, dry and properly-ventilated location that is free of charge from sources of ignition. For transportation functions, it is classified as packing group III and hazard course 3 and is an irritant.

When exposed to the eyes and skin, irritation will get location. Additionally, the chemical will injury the central nervous program if extended publicity normally takes area. To avoid this, safety measures can be designed to avoid this sort of exposure, including the donning of protective gear. In basic though, reduce concentrations are not regarded as hazardous. It is significant to often contemplate a chemical hazardous right up until you know normally. Protective equipment, such as gloves and/or respiratory protection is always encouraged.


Methoxy propanol is predominately utilised in the manufacturing of propylene glycol methyl ether acetate (otherwise recognized as PMA) and is also employed in industrial and industrial solutions such as paints, varnishes, inks, artificial resin, rubber adhesives and automotive/oven cleaners. It is also applied as a cleaning agent in the Lcd and electronics industry.

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