8th Seminar of Modern Music and Improvisation

Monforte de Lemos. Galicia. Spain

8th Seminar of Modern Music and Improvisation
Monforte de Lemos. Galicia. Spain
From 22 to August 25, 2012
Iñaki Askunze, saxophone
Marcelo Escrich, bass, electric bass
Carlos Calvino, guitar
Javier Pereiro, trumpet
Paulo Bandeira, battery
Iago Mouriño, piano-keyboard
Miguel Angel Rodriguez [coordinator]
A tempo-School of Music. Plaza A Brown, 2 under 36,002 Pontevedra phone: 986 844 104/659 474 352

atempo.org @ gmail.com
Knowing the language of modern popular music (melodic, rhythmic, harmonic and formal) and its representation gráfica.Analizar repertoire of the most characteristic styles (blues, rock, pop, bossa, jazz ...), visually and aurally.
Interpreting together (in formations of each style) said repertoire.
Improvise using the language of each style.
So repentizada accompany this type of repertoire, once known rhythmic and harmonic resources.
Fix so elementary a repertoire of these features.
Expressive resources (bend, growl, ghost notes, slide ...)
Melodic and rhythmic patterns of each style (riffs, grooves, key Latin, flamenco, ...)
Chords (fifths, triads, cuatríadas, fourths, clusters ...), cadences, harmonic functions, modulations
Textures (ostinato, pedal voice, free counterpoint, ...)
Typical forms (song, blues, standard, rhythm changes file ...).
Levels of structural analysis (sections, themes, phrases, semifrases, motives, ...)
Modern notation (encryption American harmony rhythmic notation, slash, tabbed for guitar and bass ...)
Parameters of the performance (articulation, accentuation, phrasing ...)
Compositional devices: variation (rhythmic, harmonic, formal, ...), imitation (transport, binding, level change, mode change, ...), and contrast.
Follow-specific (fixed patterns and free / improvised.
Resources typical arrangements (second style): background, kicks, 8 s / 4 s / 2 s, pick ups, unis ...

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