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Valentine’s Day: Spreading Love, Passion and Feelings
Whenever we hear these two words, the mind drifts right into a reverie of red dresses, chocolates, teddy bears, red roses and a question having a big question mark, “Who is going to be my valentine?” Each year Valentine’s Day is celebrated in most country with great zeal and excitement. Roses are exchanged in addition to proposals and love. Shops convert them into a small wonderland with gifts and treats at display. As we drift into History, we will realize that Valentine’s Day originated from Saint Romantic days celebration. As history tells us the storyline of the Christian martyr named valentine who was a priest in Rome. One legend tells us the Roman Emperor Claudius had addressed Valentine and wanted him to convert to Roman paganism, as he refused he was thrown in jail using the orders of persecution. Later it had been reported he had performed magic by healing the blind daughter of his jailer. Another myth tells us the Emperor had allegedly ordered teenagers to stay single so that you can grow his army with a belief that married men would not be good soldiers. However the priest secretly performed marriages because of these young men. Once the Emperor learned, he ordered Valentine being arrested. Before Valentine must be executed, he wrote a card for somebody believed to be his beloved or the jailer’s daughter whom he had befriended. The credit card read, “Your valentine”.

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14th February has now be a traditional day for lovers. Because the 19th century it is widely celebrated by sending text messages and greeting cards, confectioneries and flowers.
In USA Canada and Europe, Students delightfully exchange Valentine cards, Activities such as card making and gift making are held in schools. Teenagers main have dance parties
In Denmark, Valentine's is celebrated using a special way by sending Transparent Valentines days cards, which show a photo of the man holding a woman’s present only when locked in light. Instructions called, “Gaerkkerbrev” also known has got the joking letter can be sent with a man to his beloved. It has a romantic prose but the sender writes his name is dots. When the receiver guesses the name from the dots, she would get an egg on Easter.
In England Valentine’s day is widely known in lots of ways. On Valentine’s Day eve, Woman would pin a bay leaf on their pillow’s four corners. They would eat eggs, but yolk substituted for salt! With this particular they would confidently sleep that they would imagine their future husband. In other custom women would write the naming of their lovers in writing. These will be dropped in water. Whoever would surface up will be their husband to be. Children in England prepare Valentines songs and receive candy on performing.
In Italy, it is a tradition to obtain engaged on Valentines days. During Scotland, a festival is held where every one of the singles gather. People write their names on a sheet of paper and put in to a hat. The names are drawn and also the people pair up for the evening.
In Scotland, Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated with a festival where unmarried women and men collect. Every individual writes their name (or perhaps a fictitious one) over a sheet of paper which is folded after which placed into a hat, one for that women and another one for that men. Then your chit is drawn with a woman. The guy she picks then pair up for that evening.

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