Brand new Epa Recognized Degreaser That Is Undoubtedly Killing The Competition!

An engine on a vessel, diesel equipment or any other heavy duty equipment all have one thing in common. Sooner or later they'll require a value degreaser. Things for example diesel engines need to be degreased on a recurring basis as an element of the regular upkeep for such machines. But with conventional degreasers there are downsides that make utilizing them time-consuming, expensive and even unsafe. However there's an alternative.

<h2>Revolutionizing Previous Means of Doing Things</h2>

Emulsification is how the majority of degreasers do the job. A non-oil medium holds the small droplets of oil that are meant to be evenly distributed throughout it with this approach. The exact same method applies if you combine olive oil in vinegar and shake it up to generate a salad dressing. The oil really should break up enough that the droplets do not touch.

Emulsification is the approach of yesterday with the launch of L-44 ECD. This item uses a whole brand-new method of going underneath the oil and ultizing surface tension to release it. You won't ever have to stress about emulsifying and getting the oil separated enough to come off. The positive aspects of this type of action will include a reduced time in degreasing. And additionally you don't need to be concerned about purchasing several products and blending them together completely to do the job. The oil is swiftly separated for simple removal. This not only saves time however also saves money.

<h2>Taking Care of the Ecosystem</h2>

Yet another real plus of L-44 ECD is how eco-friendly it is. It is non-toxic to the skin also. Forget about red or burning skin from contact from corrosive elements. The chance of future health troubles from coming in contact with harsh chemical substances is also decreased.

There is no need for HAZMAT labeling either when making use of L-44 ECD. This decreases shipping expenses and increases the overall price savings and benefits. As a non-toxic item that can be utilized in any engine room Custom Compounders continues to have their item analyzed by third-parties and is awaiting approval from the EPA Partner recognition program.

Believes That In Keeping The Work Environment Safe

The goal regarding standard degreasers is health and safety first. A clean engine room is a safer environment and non-toxic chemical substances allow for a cleaner safer environment. Health and safety issues are significantly reduced whenever there is no contact with corrosive materials. Whenever these objectives are meant there is additional time to concentrate on the other things and significantly less time spent managing issues and safety issues. A clear win-win situation for everyone involved.

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