John Pizzarelli-the two minute interview

Guitarist appearing at Yoshi's speaks

Ken: John, your new album, Double Exposure, really is a new approach. What led you to want to combine musical genres and artists in your recording?

It was a way to approach the material I have been wanting to sing, pop songs of the 60's, 70's and 80's and still keep jazz at the center.

Ken: Do you see technology, which has been used in sampling, or making use of other artists work, sometimes illegally, as influencing you?

No. Our music is performed live to "tape" always using musicians and their instruments to create the sound we need.

Ken: How is your approach to the many possibilities of new technology changing your conception of recording?

Cut and paste is better than splicing. In other words, the process is easier for some things in the recording aspect of it, but you still need the idea in your head.

Ken: How will technology change your live performances in the future?

My performances rely on musicianship.

Ken: Would you ever perform with pre-recorded music?

Ken: Jazz seems mainly in a very traditional phase, with so many of the artists sounding like the masters of a previous era. Do you see the emergence of jazz musicians who create a radical new music like Coltrane emerging again?

What was so radical about Coltrane that wasn't radical about Lester Young?
What if there was an emergence of artists who play tremendously swinging jazz?
I think there are just as many musicians who sound like bad Coltrane than terrific Lester Young.
If its good what's the problem?
John appears at Yoshi's San Francisco Thursday, July 26, 2012. The first show is sold out, but the second is still available. John promises to make the second show even better than the first!
The article was done just before John's show at Jazz Alley in Seattle, WA on June 25, 2012.

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