Cyrille Aimee & the Surreal Band

review of the cd "Cyrille Aimee & the Surreal Band"

This album is the latest realization of Cyrille and this energetic and captivating ensemble that has something of surreal as the name suggest.
Here we have a natural daughter of jazz: this recording speaks clear. The candour with the acidic shades of her singing, the interesting solos and the enthusiastic arrangements of those "surreal musicians", show a natural fresh and sparklying approach to all the tunes,old and new.
An exploding introduction in the ideal fast swing bebop like "This can't be love" , which shots us with a good amount of energy followed by "The more I see you" , an exclusive fun duo in medium swing where our adventurer keep walking with a great "giocoso" bass as companion;
Then comes the genuine classic "I' ll remeber April" brought up with a particular grace in her voice and an energetic pulse soon followed by her personal announcement in "As long As you are living ", a 3/4 tempo with an"Horace Silver /Quincy Jones's "old school intro that a long with the personality of Cyrille makes everything shine.
"How deep is the ocean"in a relaxed swing is the prelude to an hopeless french ballad "Indifference", where the bittersweet hues of her voice create a deep and charming enchant.
This is just the beginnig.
The lady likes travel and we find her now in the foreign land, latin land in "Que Pasa", a tune that sounds sad and inevitable like the fate, where smoothly her charming voice creates a very balanced and quiet solo able to melt our hearts.
Showing no fear in the enjoyble funky classic "Sunny"done with no excesses, we arrive to a gentle ballad "I'm through with love" where she is alone with a sensible piano that kindly carress and accompany her singing .
" Sometimes I am happy" discreetly comes and the sax solo explores the possibilities of the tune while shares proudly this swinging field with Cyrille; An expected smoothly and intimate "Twenty eight" leaves a retro' flavour of a folk tune in our satisfied ears; thanks to a gently guitar that colours the painting created by those dreamin'and poetic souls who came here with no demands, we arrive to the end of this journey. Surely this is a recording that can give you different fresh scents, capturing your senses like a beautiful flower's bunch. Enjoy.

Pamela Chiarappa

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