A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Exhibit at The Israeli Opera House Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

The Opera House at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center opened in 1994 and is a leading Art institution in Israel. Since few years ago spectators enjoy dance, classical music, and jazz and children music series. The Opera House also features photography exhibitions.

On this frame, the Opera House is featuring the work of artist photographer Maya Hed. The exhibition was already presented with great success at The Hava Rosenberg Gallery (May /June 2011) and has won recognition by The Royal Photographic Society in the November Issue and Guysen TV. The photography series captures exclusive pictures of extraordinary jazz artists from all over the world. The pictures were taken during the sound check where the artists experience very intimate, secluded and unique moments.

Maya Hed was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to Israel more than ten years ago, where she studied at The Kiryat Ono College of Photography. Her specialty is photography of the arts, focusing on music and fashion. Her art seeks to create a sense of freedom and relaxation for the viewer. Her photographs shimmer with life and her artistry engender curiosity. A glance on Maya’s photography surpass chasm, time and promenade the viewer through a zealous journey of explicit feelings. Maya’s goal is to express her point of view and passion for life through her photos while giving the viewer a glimpse into her world.

Hed grew up listening to music, when it comes to talk about her major influences she doesn’t even know where to start but she can name few: “I love Charlie Parker, The Rat Pack, It’s a Beautiful Day, Count Basie, Pink Floyd, Marillion, B.B King, Georges Bizet. John Lee Hooker,Ray Charles,Qunicy Jones ,Serge Gainsburg ,Genisis,Johnny Cash,Niel Diamond , Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters, Gabor Szabo, Dave Brubeck, Nino Rota, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone , Miles Davis, Charlie Mingus, Esther Phillips John Coltrane, R.E.M,Pyotr Llyich Tchaikovsky , Mauro Giyuliani and Enni Morricone”.

"It’s a beautiful Day" self-titled album (1969) was the first jazz album I bought …my father used to play this on vinyl to me as a child so I would drift off to sleep, during my first week living in Israel. I remember asking him if he might have it but it was on its way in one of the containers. I could not wait another day so my brother Adi and I went to the closest music store and had a beautiful day. It was totally funny the whole house full of boxes and an 80’s boom box in the middle of the house. If I have to put myself into a single musical genre I will choose Jazz. By the way, “One from the Heart" by tom Waits & Crystal Gayle is currently played on my CD changer!”.

Maya giggles here. When questioned about why she decided to make a career as photographer, she recalls: “As a kid I always loved photography and taking photographs, I was thrilled by the idea of being able to create parallel worlds full of different motifs. I always took photographs for fun but I was 18 when I started learning it professionally for three years. The process of producing and publishing the art is fun. I enjoy the whole process, from choosing an idea. I am very passionate about taking photographs, selecting the right ones, looking at the print tests. When I printed the photographs for this exhibition, I didn’t want glass to cover the prints I wanted the viewer's to feel the photographs naked so as to make it easier to "hear" the music not "clothed" with glass. “

I wonder which creative process she follows when taking pictures. Maya explains: “After taking photographs I wait a while before I start choosing the final photographs. After I chose them I print the selected photographs, spread them on my studio floor and allow them to create emotional feelings within myself. This is a fun process because I re-live and re-experience those sacred moments when the photographs were taken. My senses come alive once again. I can “smell “the wooden opera floor, and hear, “see”, and feel the music playing. I prefer live performances… It’s Lovely! Taking photographs during live performances is fun to be honest I don’t even feel as if I’m taking photographs I am so connected with the music and the moment.”

I want to know more about her photography exhibition at the Tel Aviv Opera House. She describes: “This exhibit includes 15 photographs of jazz artists taken in The Tel Aviv Opera House. The photographs were taken during the sound check which is such a special time for the musician ,it’s the time he connects with himself and the music and gets ready right before the show “
“I wanted to show the world colorful fragments of jazz artists and to focus on the interaction between the musician and their instrument. It warms my heart that the photographs are on display here because it’s like coming home …back to where everything started. The Blue Light Rising Behind Tony, Joseph’s Laughter, Stefano enjoying a quick break with band mates and many other great memories from this project . Additionally showcasing my photographs at The Opera is very exciting. It is a beautiful surreal venue that is completely flawless”.

Maya muses: “Another great surprise is that Tony Pancella will open The Jazz Series at The Opera on December 2nd while his photograph is shown in The Foyer. He wanted to come last year”.
“The whole process of working with The Israeli Opera House’s Curator Udi Rosenwien was amazing not only because he is one of a kind but also because of his great spirit “.

Maya has big plans for her career and future. She would love to keep on spreading the word of “Jazz in Color” in more venues and also publish a book! : “There are so many other photographs I’ve taken that I would love to share as well”.

Maya Hed is known for her strong willpower and determination : “A photographer can fall into the thought of not being the "photographed subject ", but rather the "photographer" but once you decide that this is your path to your own stardom or your own recognition within the trade you come out hopefully "winning"…I appreciate my work as hopefully to be so…My Inspiration in the genre are Brassaï, William Claxton Diane Arbus ,Sacha Vierny , Michel Kelber, William Eggleston , Gianni Di Venanzo , Ernest Haller and Mario Testino“.

Maya Hed is definitely an Epicurean, enjoying life and beauty at the max. Besides photography she practices surfing and yoga.

Maya Hed Photography Exhibition:
“A Momentary Lapse of Reason”
The Israeli Opera House Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center
19, Shaul Hamelech St. Tel Aviv.

Dates: 13.11.2011-13.12.2011

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 08:30-20:30
Friday: 08:30-12:30
(and during opera night shows)






Solo Exhibitions:
A Momentary Lapse of Reason: The Hava Rosenberg Gallery, May 19th-June 19th, 2011

Group Exhibitions:

On The Warm Sand at the National Maritime Museum in Haifa. January 2007--Exhibition Curator: Avraham Eilat.

60th Anniversary for Israel’s Independence at the University of Basel and moving around, 2007--Exhibition Curator: Yoram Wienberg.

PCK Group Exhibition at the The Kiryat-Ono College of Photography, July-August 2008.--Exhibition Curator’s: Noa Ben-Nun Melamed, Naomi Leshem

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