Jeff Richman's "The Line Up" Now In Stores

"Jeff! We've known each other a long time and I've always love your playing and your writing. The Line Up is a great CD. In fact, I think it's your best CD so far." - Mike Stern

"I'm groovin' on your record, it sounds great! I think your best one." - Oz Noy

Hollywood,Ca November 3, 2011 - Contemporary jazz guitarist Jeff Richman today announced the release of his new CD, Jeff Richman and Chatterbox: The Line Up. The Nefer Records release features Mitchel Forman on keyboards, Joel Taylor on drums and Dean Taba on bass guitar. The new CD is distributed by City Hall Records and songs are available online at iTunes, Amazon, Abstract Logix, and your local music stores.

The Line Up consists of 12 new tracks exploring and expanding the boundaries of contemporary jazz. Together, the odd metered time signatures, key changes, rhythm variations, polyphony, improvisation and tempos are overcome by the band as they weave in and out of these original compositions by Richman. On three of the tracks Richman, Forman, Taylor and Taba take artistic liberties into their own hands with their shared composition of jam tracks "It's All One", "Square Root" and "Right Here, Right Now". While recording, Richman imposes challenges on himself and the band to grow and capture a bigger audience; to include them in on the musical journey. There is an inherent sense throughout the CD that gives the listener the impression that Richman and the band want the listener to experience the same fun, challenges, joy, conflict and sorrow as they do when performing. It's not forced and it happens organically, as if each song is a conversation. The melody masquerades as the topic, ideas get passed around between the artists and the audience is allowed to eavesdrop; the invisible barrier between talent and audience being removed.

Guitarist Jeff Richman has enjoyed success on the jazz scene for nearly 35 years. His guitar playing is cited as tasteful and articulate, with room to breathe. He is recognized by and associated with the other luminaries of the fusion and contemporary jazz. His guitar is heard the world over. On this new release, his tone rises above with something unique that can't quite be described. It is the impression of a bare bones approach that has simplified his tone but made it gigantic. He uses his go to Fender Strats and Teles, a Jim Hall Sadowsky, a silver faced Marshall Jubilee but this time there is something else in the water.

Throughout his career, Richman has recorded and performed with the crème de la crème of talent. He has discovered and forged a solid rapport with each member of the band. Now he successfully brings them together to form one cohesive unit that seems untouchable on this recording. As Richman sums it up, "This is the band. This is what I've wanted to achieve. I know I can go anywhere in the world with these guys and it will be an amazing time for us and the fans. It feels good, it sounds good, and I can't wait to take this show out on the road."

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Jeff Richman and Chatterbox The Line Up track listing:
The Line Up (4:46)
Window to the Heart (3:30)
Rule of Thumb (4:24)
It's All One (Jam #1) (5:45)
Hat Trick (5:16)
Cross My Heart (5:57)
Once More Twice (6:14)
Square Root (Jam #2) (4:23)
Smoke Ring (5:03)
Point of You (4:47)
Right Here, Right Now (Jam #3) (5:22)
Window to the Heart (reprise) (2:33)

About Jeff Richman
Jeff Richman is a professional guitarist with a 35 year career in performance guitar, composing, arranging and recording. He has produced 16 solo albums and toured worldwide. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he also studied privately with Pat Metheny, Mick Goodrick and William Levitt. After graduating, he lived and performed in New York City and by 1979, moved to Los Angeles. The L.A. scene provided him the opportunity to play and record alongside the industry's most talented artists, write and produce hundreds of library music cuts for television and participate on a multitude of film score projects. As producer, arranger and performing artist, Jeff recorded and released six CD projects paying tribute to Carlos Santana, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Jeff Beck and John Coltrane for the Tone Center record label. In addition to his musical career, Jeff conducts the Fusion Ensemble at Musicians Institute.

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