New Miles Davis Book Due Out Early 2011

New Publisher Set To Release Miles Davis Autobiography Companion Guide

The news about “Miles: The Companion Guide To The Miles Davis Autobiography”, a new Miles Davis book being released soon, was broken to the world two months ago on Halloween day on fellow jazz website "All About Jazz". This initial news story that appeared on the site provided a brief synopsis of some of the book’s content and features. A second news story followed soon after a month later on Black Friday providing a few more details and offering a first look at the book’s cover, featuring photography from famed Miles Davis photographer Gilles Larrain. In this month just in time for the holiday of giving and the turn of the new year, publisher Marc Antomattei Press (MAP) is providing a first look at the new book by way of a free downloadable sample edition. The ten page .pdf eBook document can be downloaded via storage website MediaFire from the provided link appearing at the end of this article.

The short, selective ten page reading extracted from the book will provide readers with an introduction to the book and the idea behind making it, an introduction to the author and his connection to Miles Davis, a guideline on how to read and use the annotated guidebook, and a short look at the supplemental CD appraisal guide that will be provided in the final edition. To help the readers and fanbase of “JazzTimes” get up-to-date about the concept of the book, the following excerpt has been provided by MAP for your information and reading pleasure.


The idea struck me to make this book when I was reading Miles Davis’ autobiography for the first time. Originally I thought, “How cool would it be if there were a soundtrack to accompany the book?” Knowing though that the world has cats and dogs in it that won’t get along nicely (speaking of the various labels Miles has worked for), the chances of there being an official release of something like that is extremely slim; so that idea was out the window. Then after reading a bit more is when I came upon another ingenious idea.

Miles’ massive four hundred plus page autobiography is part discography in my opinion because he references so many tunes and albums he and others made. He also goes into further detail by providing recording dates and mentioning who accompanied him on those dates. I was about one-third done with reading the book when I read what Miles had to say about an alto saxophone player by the name of Jackie McLean. Miles said “Jackie could play his ass off” but he also said Jackie always fucked up when playing a tune called “Yesterdays.” Miles said “He never played it right” and had to tell Jackie to sit out on playing during the recording session.

I for one had never heard the tune “Yesterdays” before and I wanted to know what it sounded like so that I could try to further understand how difficult it must have been for Jackie to play and why Miles was so upset. I actually would like to hear every single tune Miles references in his autobiography. So from reading that part in particular is when the idea struck me to make an annotated guide citing all the tunes in the autobiography in the order that Miles mentions them. The purpose of this is so that the reader, myself included, can easily find the album in our collections that the tune spoken of appears on. And if we (us Miles Davis fanatics) don’t have the tune, should we decide to, we could buy the single .mp3 or .wav file from a source like Amazon or iTunes fairly easily, or for completists (like myself) we can just buy the entire album it appears on. I thought it would simply be a great idea to simultaneously listen to the tune spoken of in the book as I am reading it.

This is the official soundtrack to Miles Davis’ life. For those real Miles Davis aficionados, the ideal thing to do would be to go through this guide which I have made and compile a custom soundtrack to the autobiography. I can tell you it’s possible but it will be expensive. Oh why can’t the labels get along just this once to give us something like this officially though? Oh well, I guess it’s always nice to dream.”

Download the "Miles: The Companion Guide Sample Edition” free from

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