Order From Chaos

Film by Ana Isabel Ordonez

Filmmaker Ana-Isabel Ordonez will be presenting her latest documentary Order From Chaos at Saint Peter’s Church in New York City on October 22, 2010 at 8pm (East 54th Street between Lexington Avenue and 3rd Avenue) and at the KGB Bar in New York City on October 28, 2010 at 10pm (85 East 4th Street @ 2nd Avenue).

She tells JazzReview.com, “The film is a portrait of a real story. A man [named Albert Katzenger] whose family perished in the Holocaust. [He] fled the Nazis, changed his identity and built a new life in an another continent. When you discover this kind of journey and the intensity of the emotions involved with, you find in your inner-self feelings with power that give you a new reason to live for and to walk through new journeys. The film chronicles one man’s drive to overcome the experience of pain and make peace with his suffering.”

Narrated by trumpet player Herb Robertson, the message that echoes throughout Order From Chaos resonates with present day families who have been compelled to overcome grave losses. Ordonez relates, “The suffering and brutality of war haunted Albert’s thoughts for years, and he searched deeply within himself for a cure to his malaise, some way to heal the wound that remained open for him. The places he visited and the people he met and with whom he spoke, brought balance and serenity to his soul, pushing out chaos… somehow. That’s what I want to show that there is always an order from chaos. The life of a man is coming to an end. We are talking about an extraordinary destiny, a life of courage, adventure, heartbreak, and tragedy, and now it is a life under its final review.”

Filmed in Warsaw, Poland and Jerusalem, Israel, Ordonez strived to give viewers an in depth look at what the Jewish community has gone through, and how they paved a trail towards the light at the ending of the tunnel. She describes, “Israel… is considered the heartland of the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah! It’s a such wondrous country with historical and Judaist roots in the Biblical Land of Israel. Many World War II survivors live in Israel. For me, the travel was mandatory. I had a blast at the Wailing Wall. It’s an important Jewish religious site located in the old city of Jerusalem. It dates from the end of the Second Temple period and was constructed by Herod the Great. It’s also one of the holiest place of the world and the sole remnant of the Holy Temple.”

Ordonez hopes to show people how history affects present day lives. The events of the past shape the lives which people lead today. Cities grow from the pain, and communities unite in their quest to overcome what has been sacrificed. Order From Chaos touches the soul and enlightens the mind and makes it possible for all members of society to see the bonds that tie all human beings together.

Order From Chaos Trailer:

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