Marvin Bu Ga Lu Smith Drum Master & Educator/Teacher

They call him "BABA" Master Marvin Bu Ga Lu Smith

steve habib

Dr. Marvin Smith drawn by Steve Habib copyright 2013

It all started when Marvin was two years old. His brother Buster taught him how to play drums. Marvin studied with all the major Jazz drummers but he especially was drawn to Elvin Ray Jones. Marvin was facinated by Elvin's "TIME CONCEPT" and they way he juggled rhythyms around with a free flow. Years passed by and Marvin decided to point himself in the dirrection of teaching young players by setting up actual "ON THE BANDSTAND" teaching like it was done in the old days. These type of lessons are not available the way they were years ago when most of the old timers took the "SINK or SWIM" approach to teaching. Marvin is a compassionate person who cares deeply about his students and teaching them in such a way that they will learn FLOW and MOTION. He teaches them how to change shape and be adaptable, like water is as it changes from a solid to a vapor or gas. He teaches how to honor time. There are so many thinga to write about this genius and more articles will follow as we update the Jazz Times readers about Marvin Bu Ga Lu Smith and his organization called BUMAR RECORDS and Compassionate Sound & Motion. His is the place to go to learn more about all his lifetime work. He is also available as a friend on facebook, marvinbugalusmith.
Much more will be written about the man who did a TRIBUTE CONCERT for Andy McCloud, III with John Esposito,Lew Scott and Steve Habib on June 1st. That concert has had over 2700 plays in a week on
SERIES 42-1 of The New Truth Be Told, Better Than Hollywood.

More notes on the progress of all Marvin's drum students will be posted. Jose "Josephine" Cuevas, his latest student has a new CD that Marvin produced,arranged and engineered. It will be available September 2014.


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