Spanish Breeze Thomas Lorenzo with Alphonso Johnson

Why did we do this album together?

Should jazz be music for experts, for musicians to show off skills, to impress?

Should it not be a way to portray the simple emotions of life?

Can I play simple, very simple, with space and silence and still be considered jazz?

Is is that musicians are afraid of simplicity and wish to express power through force, confusion?

Should we not portray the essence of a C chord in a tonal setting with a simple c?

Is it that when we play simple , feel that way, breathe that way we become like children?

What is maturity in Music?

All I know is that after 40 years of playing, exploring in my mind such, I cannot feel life as a confusion or difficulty. I need music to create a place where I can exist and be, just be, nothing else.

This is what happens when I play with Alphonso Johnson , Walfredo Reyes and Dave Garfield. We just exist together and share our love for space, time and life. No need for words no need for anything but music.

This is the essence of this album.

This is the essence of Music, pleasure next to a bit of chaos but not too much of it since our minds are still very limited in such understanding.

I encourage all musicians to share emotions, give and take.

This is another world that you might feel alone except that when the real audience listens to you, they understand while the musician might not.

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