My current equipment set-up

Matt Richards' current guitar and gear

On the trio performances I most often play a mid-70s Hagstrom V1N (aka Viking) - it resembles a Gibson ES335 but is, in fact, a thin hollow-body guitar without a soundblock. It's made of solid birch and has a lot of acoustic sound for a thin-bodied instrument. It's a very lively guitar that always sounds and plays great (and bears no resemblance to the newer Hagstrom line). Electronics are original. I use John Pearse roundwound electric strings, .011 thru .052. I usually bring my Godin Glissentar along as well - it's a cross between an oud and a classical guitar with 11 strings and no frets. I use Thomastik strings on the glissentar.

The signal path usually includes a Boss flanger for chorusing, an older Boss digital delay and a volume pedal. I also use an Alesis Nanoverb at the amp and, upon occasion, include an Art tube preamp. I mostly play through a Lab L5 (100+w, 2X12) or an older Peavey Backstage (65w, 1X10).

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