Nick Millevoi

Black Figure of a Bird

Nick Millevoi
Black Figure of a Bird
New Atlantis Records

Guitarist-songwriter Nick Millevoi has a visceral understanding of using space to communicate his messages. His new recording Black Figure of a Bird makes optimal use of space from the passionate guitar flares interspersed along “Warm Green Discs” to the sparse intervals ruminating through “Life in Ice” comprised of curt percussive trickles and pierced sporadically by fiercely cutting guitar shreds.

Millevoi tickles the guitar strings lightly across “What Sunlight Does Make It Through” countered by the rippling chords in the track discharging wildly and forming taut knots. Millevoi displays the versatility inherent in different chord combinations bending them, teasing them, and changing the girth of the notes as he does in “Signpost.” The feral biting of the guitar chords in “Bruxer” produce an aggressive tugging and straining along the movements which travels into a meditative glint through “Nothing Forms a Liquid” as the chime-like chords resound like a choir of delicately swinging bells

Nick Millevoi shows a freedom in his compositions that inspires ingenuity and unconformity. Black Figure of a Bird communicates Millevoi’s innermost thoughts and converts them into a musical form that he shares with his audience liberating the mind of conventional structures.

Nick Millevoi – guitars

Warm Green Discs, Life in Ice, What Sunlight Does Make It Through, Signpost, Bruxer, Nothing Forms a Liquid

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