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Angular guitar vibrations, feverish drum beats, and melodic symphonies with an abrasive edge comprise Hyrrokin’s new endeavor Astrionics. A blend of jazz improvisation and psychedelic rock reminiscent of Jethro Tull enable Astrionics to bridge the past with the present. Named after one of the moons of Saturn, Hyrrokkin describe themselves as off-kilter as the impromptu spurts of drummer Brett Nagafuchi and guitarists/bassists Paul Larkowski and Edward Ricart come together at obtuse angles acting as a catalyst for the paths each other courses.

Tracks like “HAARP” and “Super Agonist” resonate with avant rock licks and rhythmic swells that support the ramming distortions of the guitar chords. The frenzied raptures of “Sephfus” are welded together into a telekinetic blaze which switches to a calmer fluidity in “Cosmic Influencer” showcasing soaring chordal play in the guitar riffs. The alien-like pulses of “Cations” are abrasive contrasting the speeding drum thrusts of “Golden Square” and the scurrying flusters of the guitars.

Hyrrokkin is one of a kind fusing psychedelic rock with jazz improvisation and acting as though the two modes of music are kindred spirits. The group’s impromptu segments test their mettle and ability to merge in ways that inspires others of their ilk to be innovative and eschew the rules of convenient.

Brett Nagafuchi – drums, Paul Larkowski and Edward Ricart – guitars and bass

Super Agonist, HAARP, Sephfus, Cosmic Influencer, Cations, Golden Square

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