Album Review: 4inObjects

Highly Skilled Balance Between the Melodic and Percussive

4inObjects is a true conversation between 5 very talented musicians who take you on a very pleasurable journey with their CD of the same name. Overall, the most striking facet of 4inObjects is the highly skilled degree to which each musician holds the balance between the melodic and the percussive. If you like inventiveness, uniqueness, authenticity, integrity, playfulness, and soulfulness, get this CD immediately. Then, go see any and all of these people live as soon as you possibly can! Details:

Bass: David Ambrosio is so enticing! His style is relaxed in spirit: tightly economic, yet generous and rich; so soothing, yet so invigorating. He leads from the back and stands out at just the right moments with true organic integrity. His rhythmic skill remains in absolute balance with his melodic explorations throughout. Ambrosio enfolds you and holds you there in a very subtle way.

Drums: Dan Weiss adds his usual vocal sensibility to playing the drum kit, forever spicing through with just the right light touch. Really, his technique is just so intimately and quietly staccato at times, and that takes an enormous amount of stick control and highly developed skill. At the same time, he is always relaxed and ever in the pocket in a very intriguing manner. Unlike many drummers, Mr. Weiss communicates with each player on an individualized basis. He encourages your ear to investigate myriad percussive-melodic realms with open-eyed consistency and wise charm.

Jacob Garchik takes the listener into a new level of sonic intrigue with his sound play and improv, but he never flops over into gimmicky tricks, which would be the easy way out. On the first track, his tone is so rich, I thought his initial sound was a man’s voice! Sometimes, after one of his more adventurous improv runs, it feels like he’s going to get himself stuck in a corner, but he always finds a way out – often by constructing an entirely new room that envelopes the rest of the players. He does this in a very sly way. Mr. Garchik is teaching me how to love this instrument and is, perhaps, the Harold of my purple crayon…

Yoon Sun Choi’s voice is like no other in any way, ever. As previous reviewers have noted, she is completely unique in her interpretation, tone and phrasing. Her command is intensely textured and generously offered. Her scatting and vocal sound-play go well beyond the staccato-exercise-type abstract feel I usually perceive from vocalists. She, like her cohorts, is at once melodic and percussive, so open with her improvisation and so skilled in her technique. Effortless is the way she seems, and this allows the listener to be pulled along actively. Yoon Sun Choi is not singing to us, but draws us in as if breathing us back to life.

Last but not least. Forever inventive, Jacob Sacks illustrates a high degree of artistic integrity as an in-the-moment improviser who is in constant, authentic communication with his band-mates. Mr. Sacks is like your favorite cousin, popping up and chiming in with well-timed and superlative poetic voicings, weaving and re-weaving himself within a rich and textured family gathering. Steeped in such playful and soulfilled musical metaphor, your mind and heart will never be the same after listening to Jacob Sacks. Additional Warning: Mr. Sacks has the habit of interrupting any auditory spacing-out that may occur while listening to this or any other recording where he is found as co-creator. He does this with a sure-footed authority rooted in joy and speaks to you in a very powerful, non-aggressive manner. I guess you might say that as an added bonus, he is a jazz musician of choice for anyone looking to develop a more sharpened auditory concentration. Jacob Sacks is certainly THE musician of choice for any poets in the audience.

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