Kathy Sanborn

Blues For Breakfast

Kathy Sanborn has an affinity for classic jazz tunage with a torchlight finish. Her new CD, Blues For Breakfast aims to take audiences back in time to the riveting sounds that filled the jazz clubs along 52nd Street in New York City during the heyday of swing, but Sanborn actually brings those lush sounds into contemporary times. There is no point during listening to her album that the audience feels like they are listening to old music because she coats the songs in hues of modern soul and R&B so the music feels new. Sanborn treats them as if they were crafted specifically for her to sing.

The winged motifs in the piano keys strapped along "Butterfly" set her voice in flight, and the soft trumpet wails along the knolls and curves of "Love's Delight" have a sable-like plushness. The steamy vapors emitting from Sanborn's vocals on "Secret Paradise" give the track an intimate feel, and the lingering shadows made by the piano keys in "Waited So Long" are melodically toned. The luminous instrumentation barbing the title track has a R&B groove keeping it mobile, while a fusion of smooth jazz and nu soul meet in "Waterfall". The easy listening swells coursing through "Blame It On A Kiss" have a candlelight vibe and the glowing atmospherics of "The Ba-Ba Song" is like a jacuzzi for the ears.

Romance is always in the air as far as Kathy Sanborn is concerned, and her songs are reflections of those emotions which take flight when overpowered by love. Blues For Breakfast is the follow up to Sanborn's previous recording from the Pacific Coast Jazz label entitled Small Galaxy. There is only good moods in Sanborn's world of music and clear skies that seem attainable.

Kathy Sanborn - vocals, electric piano and guitar; Scott Petito - bass, Chris Carey - drums and percussion; and Wayne Ricci - trumpet


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