Kat Parra

Dos Amantes

Singer-songwriter Kat Parra devotes her new CD, Dos Amantes to her Sephardic Jewish heritage with a selection of tunes that educates audiences and celebrates the music inherent in Spanish and Yiddish cultures. Roped in swirling orchestral tones, Latin rhythms and passionate gypsy-tinged guitar suspensions, Dos Amantes has a spiritual vibe that all cultures can identify with, and melodic aesthetics that soothes the senses and reels audiences into its soft, smoldering coves.

The snaking river of strings and middle eastern percussions in the title track have a gentle flexing that awakens the system of chakras embedded along the spine, as the flamenco-winged guitar chords cascading along “En La Mar” exude pacifying sensations that brims with a tranquility which seeps into human pores like a sweet sounding lullaby. The cottony bossa nova-laden fumes wafting elegantly across “A La Nana” have an enchanting lure that resembles a prayer-like sonorous, conducive to the Afro-Latin tinting of “Tres Hermanicas” which is banked by balmy guitar riffs and pockets of briskly blowing strings. The Afro-Cuban rhythm of “La Vida Do Por El Raki” and the Sephardic beating of “Una Matika De Ruda” incites audiences to dance, segueing into the dervish-charging “Hanukia” equipped with festive woodwinds and gypsy-whirling spins with Afro-Caribbean inspired rhythms and whistles. Parra’s singing exhibits the graceful strokes of a nightingale’s song with a passion and soul that makes people stop in their tracks and turn in her direction.

Dos Amantes will put a smile on audiences faces as well as incite them to dance in their living rooms. There is a communal feel about Para’s album that makes these songs meant to be shared by others. From Jazzma Records and produced by Parra and Wayne Wallace, Dos Amantes has an ethnic sound that transcends nationalities, creeds and genres. The songs are nourishment for the spirit and a stimulant to incite the body to dance. It is art tempered to touch the human soul.

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