When Summer Brings Melodies Along

Tuning up with Jazz
Music is in America's pulse! We are swayed by rhythms and melodies as they resonate in our lives. This musical sojourn goes on throughout the year, in all seasons, and summer is no exception. This season brings warmth, excitement, and of course music. If music is already an integral part of your life, then you can take it forward through some creative learning experiences. Do you play an instrument or have you taken vocal lessons? Then your musical talent can open up new avenues if you learn jazz. It's a unique and classic genre where versatility is the key. You can learn about the nuances of jazz by participating in a summer jazz workshop. If you are already a performing musician, a workshop can remove the musical roadblocks by sorting out the weak links in your performance.

Things to Learn
You can learn or brush up on all the basic and advanced improvisational techniques including approaches, notes, tone soloing and bop scales with rhythmic accuracy and without feeling lost. Improvisation is the soul of jazz, and on its trails jazz has evolved over the years. You can learn how to improvise through a logical and systematic approach. Also, the sessions on learning tunes, transcribed solos, ear training, vocabulary and instrumental techniques will help you understand harmony, melody, and jazz styles. Once equipped with these teachings, you will be ready for ensemble performances. Apart from enhancing your individual musical skill, you'll also learn how to make a seamless transition from individual performance to collaborative music-making.

Create Melodies with Maestros
Many jazz workshops boast of teachers who are highly successful jazz musicians and have earned a lot of accolades for their musical prowess. Learning from these masters can inspire any student to become a stellar jazz performer. The student-teacher collaboration will make the sparks fly during the jam sessions and ensembles, when great music is created. Sounds encouraging, doesn’t it?

The duration of these summer jazz workshops can be anywhere between one and eight weeks. Students can have a concentrated lesson on jazz theory, take daily private lessons, and take part in ensemble rehearsals and jam sessions with noted jazz musicians and educators. This can definitely be a musical exploration worth cherishing for a long time.

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