Vocal Jazz Workshops in NYC Spark Interest

Find out how learning jazz music could boost your musicality

Let’s be honest — learning jazz isn’t easy. Yet with NYC’s professional instructors, talented classmates and focused workshops designed for your level of musicality, learning just became easier. Vocal jazz workshops in NYC are designed to musically inspire and fine-tune your vocal skills. By collaborating with other aspiring musicians, you will learn conflict resolution and the importance of teamwork. Jazz music became popular in the early 1900’s, so what is all the hype about now?

As an art form that has existed for well over a century, it has transformed into various sub-genres and styles. Performing a piece that was written years upon years ago is like playing history. Adding a modern twist and groove brings the music back to life. Jazz continues to pursue a cultural force, noticeable in many styles of today’s new music. Since the genre has such a wide range of elements, learning proper techniques (vocal and instrumental) can translate into almost any other style of music.

What could I learn?
With vocal workshops, improv workshops, small ensembles, theory and notation courses and online classes, voice students have a wide range of choices to choose from. Latin American vocal workshops focus on less of swing-centric style, while other workshops focus on vocalnomics, an extensive approach to learning bebop style and vocal scat.

Improv workshops teach students the art of making creative music instantaneously with no previous rehearsal. This style of learning boosts self- confidence, trust in other musicians, charisma and the ability to think on one’s feet. Music also boosts retention and creative cognition.

Working in small ensembles not only gives students the experience of performing with other talented musicians, but teaches students social assets. Today’s job market is in dire need of excellent communicators, team players and problem solvers. Learning to work through musical difficulties broadens knowledge on conflict resolution and critical analysis.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of practicing voice is that there is no external instrument required. You are your own instrument and the possibilities are endless.

What are the benefits of online courses?
Some find online courses more beneficial than in-class workshops. As long as a student has internet access, he or she can participate in learning voice from anywhere. This allows traveling students and others outside of NYC to gain the same valuable experiences as those living in Manhattan. There is no longer a need to travel long distances to learn music.

Another benefit is being able to work at one’s own pace. Students who are fast learners can quickly move through material, while those who need extra time can excel at their own speed. Running a course by your own schedule and convenience gives even the busiest individuals an opportunity to learn jazz.

Music academies provide high-quality lessons for both in-class and online students. Practicing and moving through learning modules with skilled instructors is fun, valuable and an excellent way to learn the nuances of jazz.

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