multidimensional sound synthesis


“… et chantant à la nuit ses plus
Beaux chants de Prince pour
nous chauvessouris nourries de figues pures…”

Saint John Perse

To make the guitar an extensive field of experimentation; convert it into a vast canvas of possibilities; to escape from all the places communes throughout the history of modern music. Corrie Van Binsbergen v. it supports all of these qualities with his unique guitar treatment. She has no claims nor seeks histrionic. The resonances are a tapestry in which stories are interwoven sound of a strange and infinite intimacy.

The role of his instrument has clear and complex textures. Solvents, intuitive and sophisticated sounds are giving, continuously, a base coloristica to its subtle melodies (so volatile, so beautiful in its refined invoice cuerdistica) Corrie has a sound that only finding would be understood as a state of rigorous and cathartic meditation. Some topics to disrupting dream African tradition, without reducing its wonderful rhythmic effect. She locates and exploits her personal interest in baste, either reverbs, harmonies, melodies, and the syncretic resonances in a single musical event that this kingdom to the depth of the silent night.

This silent style of welcome to the guitar, is seeking a state of recognition of high artistic and spiritual lineage. Stroke of figures of penetrating aesthetic taste; way of inviting us to live their own improvised musical landscape. Its colorful imagery of textures and hues revalued even more their attitude of interpreter, without tonal constraints, in the press almost fantastic guitar of its nature.

We are faced with a succession of a polychrome musical universe -the language of the heart of the artist - announcer silences condensates and expressed in the way to amplify your world in a fine aesthetic sense, in the contrasts of both speed, volume and pace. In the concurrency of the guitar sounds, Corrie Van Binsbergen v. clears the limits of contemporaneity, to reach the former-temporaneidad, creating a multidimensional sound synthesis, inseparable from the improvisatory component.

Crackles and harmonics of amazing subtlety, that carries the listener to a innovative dream sound. She upsets, intelligently, the typical uses of the guitar, giving it a language entirely away from rigid structural diagrams. Its peculiarity instrumental leaves us immersed in the surprise that may bring each of their topics. A form created in the rigor of their spontaneity and colorful range of rhythmic explorations.

What breaks down his virtuosity to follow only the dictates of his creative ideas? Sinuous Lines, melodic, creating a cathartic effect or imaginary? Its ambitious freedom is continually renewable and suggestive, without cause or a second, disinterest in hearing undertaken.

Essentially a guitar hybrid, with interpretative attitude and impact of demanding experimental encouragement. In this approach in the work record "Self Portrait in Pale Blue", Corrie Van Binsbergen re-writes his guitar codes only to be portrayed in this recording to Broken Records. It diversifies and intensifying in this, his dream inside fact music.
January 8 2014 Twitter: @jazzero

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