The Baudelaire of Jazz ( II )

the music contained in this dynamite .

Entirely joyous, the music contained in this dynamite that bears the name "Beauty is a rare thing," makes it over the years, to get rid of the neon lights, and take the road through the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, some day, before a presentation, innocent and Placido as a child, escaping from the prison of fame, only with the desire to chat with any bystander, on the passions and favors of the music. I appreciate that, after each hearing, as a brother from your heart dictates its inheritance of simple wisdom. "The word jazz means humanity of the music, of the existence in general( …) the only music is the perfect flowing when improvised" (5).

Those who know the secret of musical improvisation are vacuuming, perhaps without knowing it, to be authentic human beings, not mediated by religions that increasingly delve into his own emptiness. "Le monde s'endort/dans une chaude Lumière" (6). Clarity that comes through its fantastic and beautiful chaos. We returns to the innocence intimate and unbending. The music colemaniana becomes a musical event because it challenges us constantly, confronts us, requires us, seduces us standing in a game. The, and later the great representatives of the past and the present of free jazz, is entertaining in the strict sense of the term, highly participatory of our vibrant existential emotions and concerns. It is the force of a boomerang, interlacing, in a round trip, to the participants: musicians and listeners, in a concentration camp in the senses. "Breaches, violence necessarily appeared as discrete, deaf, although in reality appear active: which is not without compromising the balance made, to threaten the 'happy' phases of this music" (7) By all these fine aesthetic and human traits, Coleman is fiercely twinned with Charles Baudelaire. With him, and he is being in another time, such as experiential musical.

The air with Don Cherry extasian by its plasticity, lightweight and enthusiastic in their rings as in its melodic feel. It is the apotheosis of a musical journey without comparison, although it is a prolongation of the innovations non-parkerian structures. In "Beauty is a rare thing," notes and dissonances, melodies and atonalidades " dance without wanting to dance, as campaigns/that will stir a daemon without compassion… ", Baudelaire reminds us.

This is a enigmatic and strange way of getting to know each other, through the music of Coleman. His flamboyance, her strength, vitality and perennial adolescent. The presence of this octogenarian female musician opens horizons to our rebellious spirit, which like yours, is strewn with disagreement and misunderstanding. To the little cares. It runs counter to the comfort. "everything that could give foot, as a last resort, to a biography of artist cursed. But neither this pose it would be comfortable. Has other matters to deal with: that music, for example, which has so loved as has been able, without trying to straighten it, see it established, give it a patina conventional. " (8)

Evoke them, in the plurality of sounds that are looking for, are altered, coordinate, are complemented by, shy away from, is harmonized, it is rival, socialize, make music both in its formality in its invoice as sound art. It is the grace of jazz rather than submit in which allows us to be volatile, without the burdens of the day to day. Immersed in this sound waves, it is not but their tenacious joy, the missed is dictated by the moral of the falsifiers of souls. "Music trend to reveal more of the kind of person you are than any other mediums of expression" (9).

The art of the sublime. As well could catalog this way to make music, embodied with a emphatic rupturante enthusiasm for what, by the desafuero jazzy in its culmination. " I don't know how it's going to sound before I play it any more than anybody else does". Is the teaching of the music game and its lessons of indiscipline. At the end of the day is the task of the unbending artist, being listened to himself in a continual coverage inside, so give us your sense of the world, his anarchistic philosophy.

His testimony of 1965 is in full force: "i would not be exploited by not knowing how to do certain things to survive in the norteanerica today. Sr has reached the point at which, to live in a system that has some power, you have to pay to become part of that power, because only then do whatever the hell you like. It is clear that this is not going to create a better world. The only thing that is created is increasing security for power. . But the power relegates the taste to a second term" (10).

Each of these musical themes lived, appreciate how stations, places where it operates the explosive, the slide into the unexpected, the chance of the game of life. Effervescence that porta welfare, tectonic layer of serenity, is understood as a form of happiness, according to Borges. On Ornette Coleman found the 'philosopher/artist', the one "whose hallmark is the ability to invent new forms of existence", as said another rebel, Michel Onfray, adding: "a philosopher artist that fails is larger than or integral of the flock that triumphs". Ornette has the masterwork of a volcano at night. Its classic and famous theme "Lonely Woman" was recorded in a day that goes by the nine thirty in the evening at three thirty in the morning, in May of '59, along with other beautiful melodies as "Just for you", " Una Muy Bonita", or the rhythmic and sticky "Music Always".

"I have had intimacy with the night," said Robert Frost, thinking that they well assumes Ornette, when it enters, equally, to the recording studio that March 27 of the '61, between nine o'clock in the evening and one thirty in the morning, to become delirious vigorously in its production, not very known, clearly interpreted the tenor "Ornette On Tenor", themes of plunder in their fiber whooping. "The coming of the night was warns/as a music expected, /not as a symbol of our essential nothingness", as the poet says Argentine.

Abstract Painting radiant delirium - is his work. It is her identity. And in this way you become the Ritual of my adventure jazz. In this new year, I recommend as a jewel for the artistic past and current generations, this masterpiece and vital in the path of a colossus, the brightness of mineral "Beauty is a rare thing", without forgetting to mention the words of critic Ludwig Rasmusson swedish: "The content of the music of Ornette Coleman is almost pure beauty - beauty bright, penetrating, effulgence and sensual ( …) just as incomprehensible as perhaps the aversion to the portraits of ladies of Willem de Kooning or the theater of the absurd of Samuel Beckett. (11).

The paint in the box is my work dedicated to Ornette

Enero 1 - 2014
Twitter: @jazzero

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