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deeply knowledgeable about the style of a musician that framework musical paths

The art and the different expressions of the human knowledge they possess, in its sidereal orbit, their own stars brighteners that shine for posterity. John Coltrane is the jazz which Rimbaud is to poetry, Nietszche philosophy or Van Gogh painting. To approach them by force of its brightness not only enhances the spirit but also protects it against the horde of falsehood, of lying. This work "Trane's Groove" is a tribute, a beautiful tribute that makes italian saxophonist Martian Carla to the music of the composer of North Carolina. The spirit of Trane is embodied in both the formal aspect as spiritual, in this young and enthusiastic italian. Klossowski stated: " I wanted to grab the life keeping it out of life, from where she has a totally different look. If one sees it from there, you can tap an indomitable happiness. "This is the style of the joy that proposes and seeks the songwriter C. Marciano: live in the orbit, always delusional and lavish master Trane, confirming further in this production. There is a kind of unrest and persistent in the relevant personality this girl saxofonistica italian. With this I want to enunciate that the question of style in the Italian interpreter is its exuberance, its potent statement of a sound rupturante, fierce, prodigious. In the topic that dá title to this "Trane's works Groove", a fine re-creation of passages of Love Supreme, she winds and it hurts with the soprano, vocalizing him, even howling. It is also, ". Neither Jane Anger Bloom or even oriental Sachi Hayasaka, adventurous of the sound, they arrive to this so enormous height as enriching. Aldo Vigorito, on double bass, offers in the introduction, the atmosphere that will lead us to the musical climate. The pianist The Court makes its style gala percutivo own of McCoy Tyner, opening the topic, freeing and desencadenandolo in its fair measure. All of this is why Carla is deeply knowledgeable about the style of a musician that framework musical paths, which she continues with devotion and strong emotion. The chorus of the theme of Dario Deidda trumpet with the soprano of Carla in " As usual" sorry discolored, warm, low-force, and that in turn invites the piano to build the item itself in a usual entry and archetypal. The low, for its part, is parco in its verbalidad…and again the soprano epopeyica presents its personality, with a single phrase firm, vigorous. A delirium instrumental that is also developed in "Prisoner of Love", with the alto sax bold, the intimacy of the eloquence dionysian, delving into his breath, in its wild ambition, desafuero sound attractive, in anticipation of a cadence baladistica of beautiful velvet. Well said Rilke that "no one is safe/ between the fury". In "Easy To Love" the bearish, once more, speaking from his instrument as a whisper. Its expressiveness has a quiet and very distressing pace, opening up the alto sax its imprint lucid, rhythmically sovereign in his dictation, emparentandose with the style of Kenny Garret, in another tribute to Trane in its cd " triology". Carla Mariano has the gift of the compulsion viva, the meaning of the sound as the personification of a religious ecstasy. The production "Trane's Groove" intervenes to the silence with a jazzy devastating presence. Can we name her to her without remitting us to their father and mentor? Yes. Is she able to exist without the shade of Trane? Of course. "As the vineyard/which bears witness to the heaven and the earth when impregnated/ sun, grows from the dark soil/asi also grows, born of the light and the night", Hördelin testified. Martian is that field natural, fresh and fruitful, that grows with the sun's rays and music of the composer John William Coltrane. The issues are happening as psychic spaces, permanent result of a revelation sonora: "Hamlet" and "Stars of Alabama" confirm this understanding jazz as an affirmation of the exceptional life. Of our life. "India's mood" has another treatment. Is psychedelic, playing with a beat youth, where the sounds of India are merged contagiously before the furrows of the soprano, re-living even more this ambience of citywide disco. "Bye Bye Trane", that is, without doubt, a declaration of principles. In his only title there is mention of the milesiano theme "Bye Bye Blackbird", but she is not saying goodbye to his teacher, on the contrary it is a wise recess of praiseworthy musical reference. Battery and sax are invested in their explosive speech, but of short duration, bringing to this classic memory such as the production " Intellestelar Space", with Trane and his drummer Rashied Ali, who also will pay homage to Trane Premium with your group in the play " Peace on Peace" (1994). Every time I listen to Carla Martian leaves me an education, both for life, and for the appreciation of the jazz and the music. Life and perhaps jazz are separated? This learning comes from the hand of René Char: "recognize two classes of possible: possible day and possible prohibited. Do, if possible, that the first thing is equal to the second; put them in the camino real on the impossible fascinating, which is the highest degree of the comprehensible information". Thanks Carla, by your ‘fiereza’ musical.

Twitter. @jazzero Diciembre 18 - 2013

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