The story of the wonderful adventure

This ave that portends. And it is not doom. Bodes well and free winds. His musical experience has to do with epopeyicas stories, if you want it. His sax in the jazz atmosphere has another scale, other grips. We knew already in the productions of Agustí Fernández, and from there comes showing how its horizon has Thabor sound unsuspected. Liba Villavecchia has 'something' that attracts continuously, sensitive and feverishly. Your voice is instrumental, as Foucault Ulysses referring to "the story of the wonderful adventure". With the musicians Paul Stouthamer ( violoncello ) and Caspar Hodgkinson ( drum and percussion ), the saxophonist Liba Villavecchia composed his production "Libas Traum", understood these dozen songs as stories that revolve, freely, to the beat of the winds on the impetus of his listeners that we are who channelling these murmurs. "The limit that we expect from the work of art is made from the more dangerous rapprochement to the unlimited," says Maurice Blanchot, and from this experience of the unlimited, the infinite earthly placed the musical happenings of Liba Villavecchia. Embraceable jazz a hierarchy in a single hearing. The fascination of his 'free' is exposed to its strength, its true lyricism, as the child who is exposed to the danger as if outside its center, in terms rilkeanos. The cadence of the original topic "Bianya" is revealed with a tempting deployment and its rhythmic change gives the saxophone a liberating discourse, like the vilonchello fluid and its edge. The air of the rhythmic bass and drums are plying their agitated and lively atmosphere in "Calabuig", in a only the cello that gives the theme itself another hue lyrical, riding on the light percussion and timely and that in the words of Blanchot, "this is the language that is close to himself, to the point of his burning manifestation ", with a saxophone that contains their fierceness, the style of the good tenoristas new Yorkers of the decade of the 60, revealing his insatiable verbalidad sonora: The musical is 'convulsional'. In "Lapel El Payaso", the only of the strings is a wholesome 'wound' in the mornings of ash, followed by the personal tone of the saxophone, which, according to Beckett, "knowing what one wants to say, Behold the wisdom… ": the melodic phrase evocative, a ballad by calling its beauty in its interpretative provision. It is the flame of Albert Ayler, of those turbulent times ( "listen Blue Quinoa") that we are burning deep and freely. This trio, therefore, does not cease to be a 'possible threat', as well as understand the 'freeman' in their beginnings and that the American public did not understand them at all. That is why they had to emigrate to Europe. This cd "Libas Traum" is a pretext for freeing our energetic spirit. Handhold for adventurers of the soul, of life. With the soprano Liba is readable, audible lines by drawing figures on the chello mischievous and playful, driven by the fun percussion ( "More Falgars" ). Everything here is based on free feast, with tears rich in ideas. At the time the philosopher Heidegger wondered if it is the pace of the unknown 'own the closeness of the inaccessible'. Well, when listening to the jazz of vanguard, the traditionalists make a 'wrist', it is difficult to approach the by misunderstanding. I stated that do not have, in its interior, the seed of what 'unreachable', of the lyrical in its meaning more flaming and abstract (hear yourself saying " Sequential Monogamy # 1 ") to enjoy the colorful unfathomable, the chaos fact structure. It is, once more, in terms of Blanchot, "making sang the movement toward the edge, and this movement, the expression of the most intense desire". The musical time of this trio is the instance of the lavish extreme voltage (" Sequential Monogamy # 4 " ), narrative of the disaster supreme sound, undermining the Sordo rumor of the numb to the aesthetics of the destructive. It is the idle labor of liberation. The conclusion at the end of this journey is present with ear a nice item in its diaphanous invoice, "The Gabia", to John Cage, the goldsmith of the silence. The musical atmosphere is descriptive, with a tone of quiet plunder, wandering by the possibilities of the ring. Liba Villavecchia and his group is the flow of an epic incontinent sonora

Noviembre 8 de 2013
Twitter: @jazzero

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