The power of transformation of Dusan Jevtovic

“…perto, uma fonte, em
Suave movimiento,
Cantigas de agua
Trêmula carpía…”
Olegário Mariano

The hilarious musical prose in the guitar of Dusan Jevtovic, trace roads, trails leads, breaks down and builds up, sponsored by horizons. Sharpening As swordsman of musketeer, its instrument smite me pointedly and win battles. Its density is flirting with the rock jazz and taken by surprise with their strong ideas. In his music the spirit does not raise but that is tearing apart. He and his trio composed of Bernat Hernandez (bass) and Marco Djordjevic (drums) make concession to the power contained in the compositions of guitarist. Dusan Jevtovic, as heir to those guitarists of the 80's that demolished the stylistic categories, to quote Fred Frith, Eliot Sharp, Henry Kaiser, among others, presents in his production "Am I Walking Wrong? ", A fine deployment of your vertigo music. "You can't sing, you can't dance", you draw, in the air at the time, subtle lines, to then show your range of force, its gestural melody and its sense of balance: density and lightness they shake hands. At times your character powerful deployment is of metal, or of rolling rock. Their fierceness is rich and expressive. The item that gives title to the work, "Am I Walking Wrong? ", Submitted to the battery by exerting a swinging beat, Amena exposure that allows Jevtovic 'count" its history guitar, decisive interpretation of trio vested with professional praised the vital. "Drummers Dance", one of the themes more jazzy, has its pause at the last gasp of the metal music, followed by the silky battery that frames the 'only' of the low. It is, in sum, the synthesis of three musical cultures where the guitar has its own personality: rock, metal and jazz. This is the real merit of the cd "Am I Walking Wrong? ", Whose name on the cover, is marked with letters of a informal graffiti, rebelling his youthful energy and rebellious. "One on One" it is the delight of a cantabile melody, even with the way that persists in the majority of the songs. At this time I would like to borrow the words of Cioran: "In all my flash off to resurrect become thunder and lightning. It might not burn until the darkness within my ? " .Dusan Jevtovic is vigorous, which D'Artagnan that undertakes bloody battles coming out unscathed. " In the last moment II " has the fragility of the wind whistling quietly in an open field with absolute indifference, and in turn, is a complex drama of power and submission. The power of transformation of Dusan Jevtovic with his guitar conquest the revelation of the ecstasy. " Embracing simplicity " is the flow of the moment infinitely generous, the balance without embarrassment, the diction of the ropes contemplating its quiet landscape. This is the fascination of those who possess natural delirium and peace, united by the fullness of his execution.. "Third Life" is a theme irrigated with sensual pleasure, that is to say, delicate sound waves are translated into an atypical ballad, with electrical noise, that framed in a unique way. Fleet here a kind of lightness, does a rest warrior of the three musketeers ?. "Tra-ta-ta-ta-ta" is a short song with its stable conventional rhythmic structure. "Bluesracho" has an echo in the songs of little water, making the role of the harmonica by Marion Walter Jacobs. Blues is the stationary of the road, a mixture of province and metropolis, drawing the extensive plantations of cotton with cheerful nostalgic overtones. "If you see me again" is fruitful for its treatment of the ropes and the pace percutivo printing its essence acoustic instrumental replete with devotion … and here I remember the words of Joachim Berendt: "As a lover, the guitarist must flatter the body of his beloved, to touch him and pat her gently, so that will not only love, but that it be returned. The guitarist and their instrument symbolise the couple 'per se', symbolizes the love". Dusan Jevtovic surrounds us all with his 'ars Amandi'.
Noviembre 6 de 2013
Twitter: @jazzero


  • Nov 21, 2013 at 07:38AM Dan Burke

    The image of the skilled swordsman taking time to plan his next series of moves is the perfect metaphor for the playing of Dusan Jevtovic. The track "Embracing Simplicity" provides the DNA
    for the overall album - contemplative, yet fully energized. It is a thrilling ride start to finish!

  • Nov 21, 2013 at 12:29PM Gustavo Bustamante

    Dear Machinemol:
    Your comment is very appropiate!

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