Pure essence of 'world music' .

Indian music has spiritual connotations for me. Their musicians do not interpret: Oran. For them it is a real ritual be builders of your beautiful ceremony Sonora. The production "Sacred World" of Tarum Ballani Collective is a finding of such a noble undertaking. The work started with the theme "Belief", where the pianist Sharik Hasan accentuates as latino anchored in New York, framed by the lines of the guitar of Aditya Balani, set been delicately, a topic of your choice 'environment'. The battery is a vital polirritmica curtain, with strong pulse, in the style of Dave Weckell. A style of pure urban colloquialism. "The Other Side", with the preamble of the Bruno Raberg and short phrases of the piano, are an invitation to the brief melancholy of the soul. The musicians are as architects of a absorption emotional, expanding its palette coloristica, playing between the implosion and the collection of a jazz explosion versatile acoustic and cozy. There are interpretative symbiosis and integrity. In "Azzan" the strings are the sacred language that promotes religious lightness of the stringed instrument 'sarangi' and the voice interpreted by Yusuf Kahn, of Hindu lineage in perfect conjunction with the piano and the battery, item that endorses the poet's words: "the fortress, where we can still find a little peace". It is where the mature her singing voice with clarity persuasive. Rhythm, melody and harmony by offering its exquisite mixture of musical brilliance. Well we know that the nature of the jazz lives in the musical tradition of the world, in which Balani is faithful maker of this syncretism sound. "Pictures" has invoice of contemporaneity, in the sense of 'winks' him to the public at large, this not a few times guided only by the marketing and their employers. Assumes diagrams of a pop instrumental, without belittling his power. The theme " Sacred World" depends on the requirement of the guitar solo to become public knowledge. The song is paradigmatic, predictable, likely. "The beauty is a whim of the relentless form and form draws its dance in a vacuum," said the Peruvian poet Eduardo Chirinos. I would like to say that this song baby of some lucidity musical moments that passes through bucolic, boring forecast. It is, in itself, an illusion, flirting with a lyricism that finally is dispersed. ",Varsha" fingerprint is disrupting to enrich its strong musical landscape. It is essential to find the ancestral spirit, that imprint of distant geographies, perfect and magical accompaniments with the jazz. This production is pure essence of 'world music' interweaving of rejoicing and re-invention sentimental. "Arjuna" is Savia powerful and syntactic, solid rhythmic argument irrefutable, concise, crucible of soundness in where their musicians show their mature experience. Tarum Ballani Collective, deciphering the soul sounds. To close this production, the remix of "Arjuna" (penetrating ostinato) is stimulating: piano that spreads, with the complicity of the battery, the sign of his song: materiality of invaluable acoustic transparency. The cd "Sacred World", is a work recorded in Mumbai, India, and therefore, has its special charism of ritual music, by going beyond an episode album of the moment. Aromas are reconciled the pure sounds of the existential with the avidity of his listeners.

twitter: @jazzero Noviembre 5 de 2013

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