ECM, according to Manfred Eicher is "bandwidth is the sea"

“…hearing with sharper ears the wind’s
Exciting minors…” Richard Wildur
In my writings only treatment, vain and poetically, to describe the soul that dwells in each one of the musical productions that I hear. To possess, with words, your secret magic. We are faced with the alchemy of the modern jazz trio? Poetics of piano, bass and drums spesando his incantation ? The morning has another color, the instant is prodigious since the percussive piano Benedikt Jahnel in the original topic "Gently Understood" makes its rhythmic abstraction and pulsating. The sound is looking for its apotheosis. "Sacred Silence" of evanescence is affirmative, roomy and warm as the wind. A song that has the essence of Rimbaud: "Wrote silences, stated the inexpressible, fixed dizziness". It is the jazz mapping infinite.Benedikt Jahnel, Howard and Antonio Miguel, leads us, without knowing it, to the poet's words: "We make the language represent us, run by us, until we have, we crosses, and nosh ace go through him, forged up to the point where there is no fracture possible". "Equilibrium" is a production that generates voices internalized, presence, which as its name suggests, cries out for balance. It is the musical gesture that gets intimate word Sonora. " Moorland & Hill Land" is a sacred mystery, with a piano percutivo minimalism in their bass notes, accentuated by chords suggestive, light, imaginative. Here are revealed realities enigmatic, suspenseful sound. His silences are so expressive, such as the piano scores by figures that predict a precise form of what is beautiful in this trio. Item stressful, vibrant in their conjunction, feeding on itself in a rhythm so reflexivam as creative. It is the trio revealing his essence. The motto of ECM, according to Manfred Eicher is "bandwidth is the sea", amplitude that acquires horizon in the bass, piano and the bacteria, that format in this stamp reaches its pinnacle, to its intimate expressive quality. "Wrangler" stains, in its beginning, the pause of a silent silence content in expressiveness. The melody is accompanied by jazz playfully by his rhythm section, inviting a joy simple but profoundly effective. It is how to understand the flight of the jazz on mixed terrain, visible light. Melodic presence of slight joviality. In "Augmented" piano is the backdrop for a atmosphere infinitely delicate, fragile, postulating his immense broke, establishing its experience with the silence, the same as "Hidden Beauty", where his poetic establishes its beauty. Transparency of the trio by depositing its intimate brightness.once more: sound and silence accomplices of this adventure jazz. At the end of this beautiful musical journey, the title track of their production "equilibrium", is the piano by configuring the language-trio, auspiciandolo, leading it to clear land of inspiration, it is as if the skin of this musical format acquire, once more, its original essence: the wealth of their simplicity, their stories of deep ethereal. It is, in the words of San Juan de la Cruz, by assigning to the dove "high flight and light/ the love with which burns/the simplicity with which you are". If. A dove from jazz has visited me, leaving me its whiteness, its flight diaphanous and rhythmical.

@jazzero- Noviembre 3 de 2013

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