Create a network of exotic details in your way.

“…and in the middle of the bustle
I emerge
Without a scratch of noise …”
Gloria Constanza Monroy

The contrabass sits an atmosphere pressing, of expectation. The proposal is simple: piano, battery and electronic effects sponsor a space policy of irony and assembly 'free', product consumption outside the jazzy musical entertainment. Bob Gluck, Michael Bisio and Dean Sharp make a collective appropriation of what is a loudness creative, stimulating, without the slightest aesthetic prejudices. It is the maximum of Deleuze and his 'revolutionary evolution of individuals', united to solidify their sense of artistic resistance. In its extensive original topic "Unknown Soldier", Joe Zawinul, the musicians activate their ideas at the level of the abstract, where involve the listener in its timbre and rhythm game, disappearing guns. The songs will happen in a aroma of preserved and free expansion: The item that gives title to the work, "Sideways", Gluck, has an impressionism hurtful, fantastic in its economy of resources. The piano is fine, so subtle and striking as a petal in winter. A musical work that demand a listener also with ideas, with rigor in his hearing. The song "Waterway" has a magic sign, elusive, a certain air of volatile: piano and drums create a network of exotic details in your way, at times serving as a backdrop to the speech of the contrabass, enriching their 'solo'. For his part in "Rather Wonderful" the piano exercises its possibilities, articulating their speech in simple sentences and clean, closest to Tristano melodic in their exposure. "Yet Another Pharoah" oozes sound art, presence of an organic abstraction, even in its short duration. "Art does not come from a world understandable but a sensitive configuration", says the philosopher Michel Onfray. The theme " History Of A Mystery: H florensis", authorship of the bearish Bisio proves it: its audibly is changing, as ringtones coloristicos, constructing and des-building in immersive spaces of silences, intimate. Once more the availability playful is present. The percussion of Dean Sharp is hypothetical timbric, delicate, evanescent. " La Musique Creuse le ciel", thinking of the Parisian flaneur, firmed up, with joy hedonistic, pla present work "Sideways": the overflow takes its limits and exercises it when required by the thematic development. To Remark of Made" is the theme with more romantic of the disk layout, simple piano of dictation, without falling into artifice. "Yonati" is repetitive and humorous in his figure and the cadence ainhoaâ 'jazzy' is cozy, it is the inflection of the feeling being maneuvered his rich language. Finally, the version of "Lonely Woman" of Coleman is elastic, unpredictable, so funny, i would say ( a sound is heard as if it were the echo of a whimper of jack ). It is enigmatic for his unabashed and wonderful way to expose his rhythmic pulse, spraying diagrams and tracking their own breathing musical. The low gives the final stitch, resolved to affix his signature. Were deeply shocked, immersed in an impenetrable ecstasy. Bisio, Gluck and Sharp, i am opening in the art of sounds.
Octubre 27– 2013

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