Honda Jazz – a car as stylish as the music form

Creative minds come in many forms, and I consider myself a creative, hence my work. It's always fun to look at things that seem unrelated and find the relationship; ultimately it is one's imagination that makes this all possible.

Besides the LPs for the purists, a CD player for the lazy, and definitely an iPod dock for us cool ones, cars and jazz seem worlds apart, unless you're a creative. Jazz the music form is classy without being boring, and for a South African like me, who's always been surrounded by the sounds of legends like Hugh Masikela and the artists we admire today (think Jill Scott), this form of music brings out an original feeling. There you are driving a great car and how awesome it is to do so; now imagine how amplified that feeling gets when great music is playing as you drive. I'm not sure if jazz is big in Japan (where Honda is from), but certainly whoever came up with the name for the Honda Jazz, was on to something really great.

Just like the music, the Honda Jazz is classy without being boring. It's a fun car and what better to name it after music that is classy, fun and stylish. Honda's artists in Japan must have thought long and hard about this, and they got it just right.

Inspiration comes from many things, and in 1982, it came from a music form I love. Fast forward over three decades later and the Honda Jazz has evolved into something beautiful. I am preparing, to drive in a Honda Jazz to the Gugulethu Jazz Festival in Cape Town, which is in the first weekend of November 2013.

The buttons and knobs on the dashboard, the electronics, the way it drives, and everything else about the Honda Jazz's interior and exterior work together perfectly. It is the same as with a band, the drummer, the man blowing the trumpet, the 20 piece orchestra and the soloist working together in perfect harmony, while you in the crowd remains in awe at all this.

The relation I put between the Honda Jazz and the music form is probably not something new, but never put in so many words. Jazz is nimble and adapts – I've watched so many artists try different keys and notes with their drummers at a live show and we appreciate the ethos of “Let's get it right for our fans”. Similarly, I believe Honda's artists go to many lengths to get their car just right so it can live up to its name. What makes good music are these efforts and ultimately creativity, and getting the right people interested in the sound. What makes a great car like the Honda Jazz, a vehicle worth showing off is the incredible design, styling by its designers, reliability from its legacy, and the pleasure and satisfaction people like me and you get from driving it. It's called jazz because it has a story to tell, and this is something different in make, presentation, and quality.

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