The expressive potential of the guitar

In the closeness to the music you are looking for the warm drunkenness of their sounds. And also its cathartic outrageousness. In the work for ECM " Within A Song " (2012), its protagonists involved in the game of interweaving his musical mood, with a finely intimate nature, embellishing the melodies of apollonian force. John Abrecombie ( guitar ), Joe Lovano (sax), Dew Gress (bass) and Joey Baron (drums) make up the sum of a quartet spectacle designed to give you in this, its jazzy costume. In each of the nine songs, the harmonious aroma leads the guitarist; melodic storytelling is in charge of the saxophone, while the bass and drums bring the color of pleasing rhythmic. The expressive potential of the guitar is absent (more interest to his technique, characteristic of John ), brief lights do not embellish the melody, giving prominence to the history clean and transparent of the saxophone, unvoiced without stridency and accompanied by a sober and beautiful percussion ( "Where Are You" ) In the conjunction of Lovano and Abrecombie face the feeling that it exhibits a smooth and attractive velvet adorned by a metallic tape, seam in a sound that builds or facilitates sober colors to this cloak of sounds ( "Easy Reader" ) is the rhythmic sedaso a jazz of pure delicacy. In the title of the production, deployment is melodic in the opacity of the saxophone sound, giving it to Lovano its identity in the history of the tenor saxophone contemporary, while the 'thread' guitar not unravels their potential in the only. Between the two if they can manage a conversation talkative, charming. Without doubt, the consecration of the intimacy jazz is in "Flamenco Skecthes", where the guitar acquires its true value harmonizing to the sax and his colleagues for in the entire production are impeccable, developing with watermark the seams of clothing this musical. In "Nick Of Time" Abrecombie does not give the height in your emotional effectiveness, relying only on your history a dispassionate, even thereby achieves enrich the sound palette in the classic instrumental binomial. "Blues Connotion ", is the pearl: the guitar enters, sinuous accompaniments by the haughty and known of the bass and drums, dotted with his solos, choppy, clear lineage of rock . As is the accentuation of the signs in a story written with words. Here changes the overall atmosphere, more recursive, playful, loose improvisation. There is a recreation sovereign, quasi-orgiastica. For its part, the atmosphere himnica "Wise One" is sacred, even though the only guitar is like a thread that does not find his needle. Nor does it detract you sum to the elegance of the robe. While in "Interplay" the provision to improvise is another, marking and sticky swing gives you another turn to the guitar, another sensation and that in turn allows the saxo release their 'ropes'. As a leader in this work, John Abrecombie, in the final piece, "Sometime Aug", not having fun at the same time, nor to those who hear it, as if it were a fierce asleep that barely achieved flowered patio. Was able to conclude that this laudatory quartet, as after the appointment of loving lovers, leaves the throb hovering between the voltage and the lightness, between anxiety and the joy of the next meeting.
Abril 16 – 2013 Twitter:@jazzero

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