Jef Neve Trio

"…the sea surged in a musical undertow…"

Angel Cuadra

The order and the secret of jazz is in its permanent re-creation. Keith Jarrett is a significant example. The standars who plays with his trio are all different, but utilize them in their concerts. Even so the American jazz, unlike the European, tends more to the repetition of formulas pre-established and little room to freedom, except admirable exceptions of the new generations. The pianist belgian Jef Neve can perfectly take the words of Paul Klee: "My propensity toward the strange confirmed". And something of this can be seen on the cover of his album "Nobody is illegal", with its body entirely inclined to observe the mechanism of his right hand.. With the theme of this production, "Astra", the ringer on the piano, with its effect of 'prepared', expands its dynamic sound, backed by the sax Kummert blowing alternately to the beat, seductive, of the battery of Verbruggen, a persistent rhythm, part of high sense of abstraction expressionist.."When the art is the creator, the art is what transforms in power the existence, in sovereignty the subordination and power of life death itself", reminds us Maurice Blanchot. Jef Neve re-invents itself, that is, your piano is vitally chameleon-like, with compositions that go beyond habitual patterns, with formulas dysfunctional, experimental. If the world is not more than a farce and a permanent comedy, in terms of Foucault, the brief song "Unprepared" provokes us, to life, a blessed pleasure, laughing jester empire before the absurd.Before this way of dealing with the jazz, we find that the sky, and the idea that we have, is a huge vacuum. This is a music of recurring ecstasy, with unforeseen ways to avert and combine the illusion that we provide the sounds. "Nobody is illegal", Jeff offers us different styles, let's say that the varied faces of jazz, not only in trio but also with large formats. It is the absolute possession and variable of their musical principles, its jazzy gesture. A fluid of permanent musical stories of those who know they are 'undisciplined'. It is sufficient to appreciate the "Goldfish" to confirm your adventurous way of offloading habits typical of jazz, to create textures, unsuspected environments thus to know the imaginary of the pianist. This sliver of musical events are instances testimonial of the composer. In his final topic "Delayed", became absorbed in this dark atmosphere that fosters the low and the piano, a way to portray a tragic theater scene. Oddly enough, the four 'tracks' mentioned above, the parts are shorter and orgiastic of this production, driving me to understand to Rilke when he said that "only the song on the earth/celebrates and sanctifies" Thanks to the jazz we are not saints, only achieved at each hearing, be gods drunk. It should be noted the internal photo in the brochure of the disk, with an atmosphere in black and white and sepia, portraying bystanders with their umbrellas, black spots outputs of the dreamlike, as prepared to a fade out. The intention of the sound and the image shows the profile of the pianist aesthetic Jef Neve.
October 25 - 2013 Twitter: @jazzero

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