There is one place where you register the game and the cultural experience, and the existence of this place depends on the experiences of life, not of the hereditary tendencies, said the philosopher Winnicott.In the music game of the pianist Vijay Iyer, the nomadism teaches you that the inheritance of his native country, India is closely tied with its experience in the United States.It is not a jazz Hindu or vice versa: it is the paying of two cultures that in turn multiply, both in the rhythmic aspects as melodic. Experiences that you have within you the own interpreter. This reflects the autonomy and Filia, union and separation, past and present. This daring autoafirmativo Vijay Iyer appropriates the language of jazz permanent creative exercise. The internalization of this momentum piano, specifically, is given by the opening of 'possible'. Vijay Iyer has the virtue of the nomad who goes from one place to another treasuring their experiences and by pressing them into to his followers. A musician is provocative, beyond himself and returns, to understand the lesson. His music is steeped up to the marrow of 'pagan' sanity or anhelosa outrageousness. Welcomes the novelty with eclectic synthesis and translates all the hazards from the jazz tradition. The rest is critical sumptuous that remains on the periphery of the artificial, own, not a few times, of the magazines of the 'stardom'. Its time, this time, with its continuing evolution, you will understand better that the barbarians glittering of the culture. If the German philosopher characterized by its village moustache said that there was no more to be an inborn error of, which consists in believing that we exist to be happy, in the dynamic jazz that presents Vijay Iyer if we believe that we exist for the pleasure, in the more mundane sense of the term. It is a question, then, is to let ourselves be channelled through this rhythmic envelope and annihilate the everyday with its force piano. It is, in the end, a seductive act, an act of subversion with the comfort. His proudness beautiful musical is a pretext. The personality of Vijay Iyer displays it as a man attentive to the political realities of the world, a tireless twittero and especially by 'the mystery of his nomadic music'. Their emotional flows lead us along a disparate styles, the universality of the poetic sound that has no name. This cosmos aesthetic savor different forms of enjoyment. Your freedom is understood as ability to override various panoramas sound, diverse influences, joyful approximations to other textures of the contemporary jazz, always enriching himself, always imaginative and powerfully eclectic. Vijay Iyer transcends inheritances, improves their technical power and its identity. It is the reflexive awareness of what is happening today in the world, translating, somehow, in its rich musical expansion.

Gustavo Bustamante October 19 - 2013

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