Eric Harland Drum Lesson: Having Fun in 21/8

The prolific jazz drummer shares odd-meter wisdom

In this excerpt from drumming genius Eric Harland's The Yin & Yang of Jazz Drumming instructional video, available from JazzHeaven, Eric shares some "Rhythm Mathematics": ways how to approach odd-meter time signatures, in this case 21/8.

He mainly thinks of it as 6/4, 3/4 & 3/8 - a bar each. Then he adds the bass drum, playing 7 in triplet form, and plays 21 on top of it (6/4 plus 3/4 plus 3/8).

Falk Willis

Eric Harland

Watch Eric demonstrate various ways of soloing over it.

He is using two frames of reference - one focusing on the 7, and one on the other subdivision.

In the rest of the The Yin & Yang of Jazz Drumming video, Eric offers a fresh approach & perspective to music and the drums. He shares many life lessons that will touch your heart and help you find your own distinctive voice.
Eric discusses how to be yourself, finding your musical purpose, and, of course, throws in some rather stunning performances.

The video was recorded on 7/7/2010 at JazzHeaven Studios, NYC. To check out more instructional jazz videos, go to the JazzHeaven website.

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