Oz Noy's Video Lesson on Minor Pentatonic Scale

Guitar wiz shares his unique approach to improvisation

In this excerpt from guitar wizard Oz Noy's Guitar Improvisation Workout instructional video, available from JazzHeaven, Oz shares insights on how to improvise over a G Minor Pentatonic Scale.


Oz Noy

Make sure you focus on the sound of the scale - which is really bluesy! It has that "real blues sound."

Watch Oz demonstrate various ways of soloing over it, using both, blues and jazz phrases.

A lot of blues & jazz vocabulary comes out of this one scale - and there is lots of opportunity in just this one scale alone.

In the rest of the Guitar Improvisation Workout video, Oz shares his unique approach to improvisation, unrelated to any specific style of music, and breaks it all down: from improvising over one chord to the blues and beyond.

The video was recorded on 8/19/2010 at JazzHeaven Studios, NYC. To check out more instructional jazz videos, go to the JazzHeaven website.

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