‘The Concert Sinatra’ Reissue Draws from Original Masters

Concord Records utilizes contemporary digital technology to remix 1963 recording

Concord Records will reissue Frank Sinatra’s 1963 album The Concert Sinatra on Jan. 17, remastering the live recording from the original multi-channel masters for the first time in nearly 50 years.

According to a press release, “This reissue represents a perfect marriage of technological and artistic innovation by harnessing the combined brilliance of Sinatra’s timeless voice, Nelson Riddle’s legendary arrangements, and some of the finest songs to emerge from the Broadway tradition. It all comes together via a recording process that was well ahead of its time in the 1960s, and has been further enhanced by modern-day digital remastering technology.”

The press release further explains, “When The Concert Sinatra was recorded in February 1963, multi-track master tape machines were not yet a reality in the recording studio. In order to facilitate the sound mixing advantage of multiple channels of audio, The Concert Sinatra was recorded on a motion picture scoring stage with the use of multiple synchronized recording machines that employed 35mm magnetic film. This master recording has not been used in any re-release of The Concert Sinatra since the original sound mix was prepared nearly 50 years ago.

“Producers located the original film canisters where the masters had been stored for nearly a half-century. Despite considerable degradation over time, a team of engineering experts, led by Frank Sinatra, Jr., used contemporary digital recording technology delivered a completely new sound mix for the 2012 re-release.”

Capitol Records Archives

Frank Sinatra

Track list
I Have Dreamed
My Heart Stood Still
Lost in the Stars
Ol’ Man River
You’ll Never Walk Alone
This Nearly Was Mine

Bonus tracks (not on original LP):
America, The Beautiful

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  • Dec 13, 2011 at 10:42PM Tom Wilmeth

    The Concert Sinatra album is not a live recording. That is to say, not live in front of an audience. It is Frank Sinatra in the studio with a full concert symphony orchestra. Thus the name of the LP, I guess. I purchased it years ago thinking I was buying a live show. I wasn't, but I was never disappointed with this mistaken purchase. It is a great album!
    Tom Wilmeth

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