Sony Legacy To Release 70-CD Miles Davis Box Set

Do you love Miles Davis? How much? How about enough to spend over $350 for a box set of his complete recordings for the Columbia label? Sounds like a lot of money, because it is a lot of money. Of course, for many of us, that’s probably less than we have already spent buying his recordings piecemeal over the years, starting with the LPs and moving to CDs with perhaps some 8-tracks and cassettes thrown in for good measure.

Miles Davis Box Set
Miles Davis Box Set
Miles Davis Box Set

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Legacy, the aptly-named reissue division of Sony Music, has announced that The Complete Miles Davis Columbia Album Collection will be available exclusively through Amazon or direct from Columbia/Legacy, starting on November 24. The set includes 70 CDs and lots more. The releases span a 30-year period from 1955 and 1985, which arguably includes the trumpeter’s most significant recordings.

And those old-schoolers, including this writer, who bemoan the reduction in the size of album format from LP to CD, will be pleased to know that the CDs will be packaged in Japanese style mini-LP CD and double CD jackets, replicating the original look of the albums. The box set also comes with a raft of bonus material. Buyers get a bonus DVD of the Miles Davis Quintet (yes, that Quintet) live in Europe in 1967, said to be the only video of that group ever commercially released. Four of the CDs include bonus material of rare or previously unreleased tracks

As a child of the ‘70s, I’m pleased to report that it includes a CD of the historic 1970 Isle of Wight concert, featured in the DVD Different Kind of Blue. One continuous “song” of 50 minutes or so with Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette and Gary Bartz. Nuff said.

What’s a box set without thorough and erudite liner notes? This set includes a 11,000-word biographical essay by Frederic Goaty, annotations on every album and DVD written by Franck Bergerot, rare photography, memorabilia, discographical production notes and a complete tune index.

Does it sound like I’m pimping for this thing? Hey, I’m just laying it all out there for my loved ones to see the true value and significance of such a luxurious holiday gift. The list price at Amazon is $364.98 or about $5 per disc. Or just $12 a month for one year. I haven’t been great this year, but I’ve been pretty good and maybe I could get better. Here’s hoping.

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  • Jul 05, 2010 at 06:55PM chambolle

    Wow. Someone needs to work on the math. $12 a month for one year is $144, not $364.98, which is closer to $30 a month. Or are there 30 months in a year in the Miles Davis Nebula?

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