Community Guidelines

Following are some basic guidelines for contributing to this site. Please familiarize yourself with them and check back periodically for updates. These guidelines do not replace the terms of use.


General Guidelines

  • Do not submit text which you did not write or do not have permission to use — we take plagiarism seriously.
  • Remember that you are personally responsible for plagiarism and libel claims.
  • If you are referencing another source you are required to cite that source.
  • JazzTimes magazine, for the most part, follows AP style. Although it's not necessary, we recommend that you do too.
  • Abuse of this site's community tools may result in being banned from the community features of this site.

Photography and Image Guidelines

  • Do upload images that you created yourself, with minimal alterations (color-correction is fine).
  • Do upload images that are at least 1000 pixels wide.
  • Don’t upload images that you did not create yourself.
  • Don’t upload images with digitally-added text (including datestamps and watermarks) or artificial borders.
  • Don’t upload images that have been digitally-enlarged and appear pixelated.
  • Don’t upload images with nudity.
  • Don’t upload images which may be considered disturbing to some individuals — images of violent acts, for instance.

Wiki Guidlines: Artists, Events, Labels, Schools

  • Write descriptions in the third-person and keep them factual and unbiased.
  • Do not add personal opinions. If you want to share your opinions, write an article.