November 2006

Gigbag: November 2006

Rogers Drums

Yamaha recently acquired the intellectual property rights to Rogers Drums and plans to release new product from the hallowed brand. Founded in 1849 and considered a bastion of manufacturing excellence and innovation (especially for the Dyna-Sonic snare drum), Rogers was endorsed by Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson and Ed Shaughnessy. Yamaha plans to make Rogers products available to its dealers nationwide. rogersdrums.com

Backun Barrels and Bells
Jupiter 636L-O Trombone
Zildjian Mezzo Drumsticks
Rogers Drums

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Zildjian Mezzo Drumsticks

Tired of your neighbors banging on the door telling you to knock it off? Bother them a tad less with the new Mezzo Series multi-rod sticks from Zildjian, ideal for that volume residing between regular sticks and brushes. Featuring two new models, the Mezzo sticks are comprised of top-quality birch dowels that deliver a clear, crisp attack. zildjian.com

Alfred Drum DVDs

For you drum aficionados and fans, Alfred is releasing two new DVDs: Legends of Jazz Drumming and Steve Smith, Part One. The former is hosted by Louie Bellson and offers a thorough history of jazz drumming from its early-20th-century roots to ’70s fusion, highlighted with rare film clips and photographs of Philly Joe Jones, Kenny Clarke, Elvin Jones and many others. The latter DVD finds the Vital Information fusion guru demonstrating his methods, techniques and approaches to playing, augmented with rare footage from his Journey days (!). alfred.com

The Code of Funk

Ever air-drum along to those tight Tower of Power grooves? Well, now you can practice them on your kit with the help of Hudson Music’s The Code of Funk, an 80-page book written by TOP skin-pounder David Garibaldi that comes with a CD and two bonus DVD-ROMs. This technologically advanced educational package allows the drummer to read the notes to—or even play along with—TOP’s eight new tracks of fresh funk. hudsonmusic.com

Backun Barrels and Bells

Having trouble finding quality clarinet parts? Don’t fret, as your search just got a little easier thanks to Leblanc hiring renowned instrument designer Morrie Backun. Backun barrels and bells, favored by musicians such as Ricardo Morales, David Shifrin and Eddie Daniels, will now be widely distributed by Conn-Selmer, allowing clarinetists better access to these premier clarinet parts. backunmusical.com

Jupiter Band Instruments

Jupiter Band Instruments recently expanded its brass line to include the new 636L-O trombone and 1220L cornet. Available at affordable prices and ideal for music students, the 636L-O (pictured) is a symphony bore, F-attachment trombone with an open wrap, while the 1220L possesses a one-piece hand-hammered bell, two-piece valve casing and a first valve slide trigger. jupitermusic.com

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