November 2005

The Dave Weckl Band
Concord Records

Dave Weckl's an excellent, flamboyant drummer, and his band makes joyous, entertaining music on the nine-song Multiplicity. They include snippets and references to such genres as reggae (the foundation of "Elements of Surprise") and funk (forms the framework for "Watch Your Step") as well as fusion ("Inner Vision"), Latin and rock, but there's still an improvisational/jazz sensibility that underlines almost every selection. Gary Meek proves a capable soloist not only on tenor and soprano sax but also on alto flute and bass clarinet, while keyboardist Steve Weingart's electric and synthesizer work is excellent and bassist Tom Kennedy makes a solid rhythmic partner for Weckl.

An added bonus is the song lengths, which are all between five and seven minutes, meaning there's space on every number for at least one and often two extended solos from band members, plus time for melodies to develop and songs to fully evolve. Plus the entire bill consists of originals. Guest guitarist Paul Pesco adds some nice licks to "Watch Your Step," "Chain Reaction" and "Down on the Corner," and percussionist Richie Gajate Garcia provides additional colors and textures to "Inner Vision" and "Vuelo."

Originally published in November 2005
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