October 2005

Dino Saluzzi/Jon Christensen
ECM Records

Tomasz Stanko put Dino Saluzzi and Jon Christensen in his band for his 2000 CD From the Green Hill, so their association isn't out of left field. But the decision to perform as a duo-bandoneon, percussion and that's it-is a strange one. Called in to add some cymbal strokes to an otherwise solo recording by Saluzzi, Christensen ended up contributing to nearly every track. Christensen says he will "never be a tango player," and no one will mistake him for one here, as he adds impressionist, pulseless accompaniment to Saluzzi's melancholy bandoneon.

At times, Saluzzi seems to think he's still going solo. He sinks deeply into a folk melody and seems to ignore Christensen, who in turn resists Saluzzi's more conventional song structures. "Detras de las Rajas...!" and "Huellas..." are more satisfying because Saluzzi adopts a more volatile style and follows Christensen into much more abstract places.

Originally published in October 2005
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