May 2002

Don Lewis
The Colour of Time
L Town

Don Lewis' CD The Colour of Time (L-Town 223; 56:36) is a curiously strange document, and not just because he's an American who spells color with a "u." He's got an attractive trumpet sound and approach that suggests 1960s hard bop, and he comes off well on the propulsive, churning title track and the tasty original "Beans and Hot Sauce," with its soul-jazz groove and funky conga. But the sideman solos and, in fact, most of the other pieces seem to run out of steam after a chorus or two. Is it a matter of faulty technique or limited imagination? Or is this simply a local group that needs the stimulus and polish of rubbing elbows with fellow musicians in the big city? Some context might help, but it's hard to know because the liner notes by Freddie L. Wright are so poorly written as to be incomprehensible. Freddie, get thee to an editor!

Originally published in May 2002

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  • May 22, 2009 at 12:40PM Brenda

    Don Lewis is clearly a great jazz musician. He has backed up some of the finests entertainers nationally and internationally. Whether playing at a sophistacated wedding, or the opening act for the largest music festival in the world (Summerfest) or found in the cornor of a smoky avan guard jazz club, Don Lewis is your man.
    If you enjoy your jazz on the rocks, or lite and blusie you can have it all with this increadable band. You can't find a more luscious Funny Valentine, or someone who blows the roof off with "Beans and Hot Sauce" you are getting the real deal. Don is diversely trained and has the ability to encumbuse all types of music, however finds his comfort and home with jazz.
    He has one of the most talent rythum sections around with internationally known Billy Johnson on the upright base. He is a measure above the rest and has experience that not too many people can touch. Try him on for size, he fits any situation, the music is his passion and jazz is his home.

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